Sunday, February 24, 2008


MUCH to my chagrin... Jimmie Wade is no longer designing & selling planes. :-( So... DO read on, as you will learn some things. However, you will note that the links are all dead, as his planes are no longer available. MISS YOU JIMMIE!!! 

This is the "Challenger" the latest from designer
Jimmie Wade ( and boy oh boy does 
it fly with the right "thumbs" on it! 
I have it - haven't built it yet. 
Will post when I do... but certainly not with the thumbs
this guys got! As you'll see on the video!
This was shot at E-fest, 2008 with R.J. Gritter at the sticks. 
He's competed the last two years at the ETOC - and boy oh 
boy can this guy fly!

Here's the particulars!

Wing length =28”                                                        
Fuselage Length = 29 3/8”
Wing Area = 436 sq.-in.
Side Area = 242 sq.-in.
Flying Weight =10.4 Ounces
Weight without electronics 4.0 ounces

ALL 6mm EPP Foam

Enjoy the video!