Monday, November 10, 2008

My 2nd EPP Design - A Tensor Sobre Hybrid

Ok - I'll admit it - so far "my" only designs have been me just messing around with other peoples work - trying to combine idea's - and mostly - build in epp! :-) Since I've run into Jimmie Wade from I've no need to keep messing around with designs... but I just can't help it! :-) Its just too fun to keep designing! :-) Seeing something you built from scratch actually fly - now thats just cool! :-)

So - this is what I came up with here about a year and a 1/2 ago - a hybrid of sorts betweeen the Tensor and the Sobre. I like both of these planes & have had the privilege to fly them both. But, they are in depron - which is no privilege at all. :-( So, I started combining what I liked from both planes & came up with a pattern on heavy posterboard - cut it out - then laid it over some epp foam. Thats where things got weird.

All I had was some really big - crazy thick epp left over from a shipment of epp where I was experimenting with sizes. Some of it was way WAY to thick & heavy for my normal building purposes. For this one - I thought it would be ok if it was heavy - because I was looking for a plane to fly outdoors in a little bit of wind. These other light weight planes I was flying didn't fair so well in wind. Also, I was wanting to use a bunch of odd electronics to fly it anywas. A heavy battery - heavy motor - big clunky old servos - etc. All from that first JUNK plane I had (see First 3D Plane blog entry) so - I had all those heavy electronics sitting around doing nothing - so why not build something to put em to use! :-)

The Tensor Sobre Hybrid was born!

Shortly after shooting the video - I dismantled it. It flew ok... as you can see - but, it didn't perform as I wished. So, the electronics are back on my shelf. I have a thought for a new design... but thats another day - and another blog entry!