Monday, January 28, 2008


DEPRON …is the type of foam (junk) that dominates the hobby industry right now (unfortunately) 

Almost 100% of the planes being manufactured for 3D or pattern indoor flying… are made out of it. IT IS garbage foam! Its ONLY benefit is… it is rather stiff, which for the weight (as apposed to say STEEL or CONCRETE!) is good as its pretty light – but – it’s also very VERY brittle. If you are a novice pilot – you are (in my humble opinion) an IDIOT to get started in this hobby with a depron plane. The ONLY people that benefit from depron planes are the depron manufacturers (no sarcasm there!) and SUPER  SERIOUSLY DEDICATED & advanced 3D and pattern flyers. Please DO NOT start with a depron plane. You WILL regret it. Start with EPP! 

I AM NOT an epp manufacturer - nor am I related to any manufacturer! I AM NOT selling epp! I am only selling the satisfaction of helping someone spend more time at the flying field than at the repair bench!