Monday, January 28, 2008


EPP is my preferred building material for all 3D Flying and the reason I started this blog.

See video for why!

I am a HUGE fan & want to MOVE the hobby industry in this direction as I feel it is hands down THE BEST foam for real world pilots. It’s a type of foam that is soft enough to take a crash without breaking. This is very important to learning to fly close to the ground for 3D maneuvers – where, down low like that, you WILL be crashing during the learning curve!

Is it too stiff to build with? No! Just as with depron (the enemy), carbon fiber is needed for stiffening at key points - like the wings. Click on many of the pictures on this blog & you'll see carbon fiber being used for this purpose. EPP rocks! Check out my links in the right column for vendors to order it from. Oh... and DEFINITELY check out the video of "real world" flying... ya know... the kind we all have that includes "forced landings" - i.e. CRASHES! :-) Check it out below!