Monday, January 28, 2008

My 1st EPP Design

This is my 1st EPP design. I started with a basic shape from an online supplier (who is no longer in business) – then modified pretty much EVERYTHING on it! J  Built it the summer of 2007 and flew it for the summer & part of the winter indoor season.

I have to admit – it flew really really well in all attitudes – except knife edge. Weird. Left knife edge – it tracked perfectly – to the right, it wanted to pull out. Tried all sorts of things, battery placement from left to right side, then through the fuse so it was exactly centered between the wingtips. Nothing. Still flew the same.

Anyways – this was a great plane. It FULLY convinced me that EPP was what I’d be sticking with – and building with. I was DONE with depron! J Flew the other day – my buddies kept going down – then had gluing messes there at the gym. Me – I just kept flying! EPP gives you that… and… I’m into flying – not repairing! J

People always ask on the holes. TWO REASONS.

#1 - The holes on the back of the ailerons, rudder & elevator – those are actually placed there to slow the aircraft. As air travels over those surfaces – some wants to slip through those holes… thus creating turbulence. That turbulence creates drag – and drag slows the plane down. “Why do that” you might ask. Well, for flying slow indoor acrobatics, pattern or 3D – the slower you go – the more precise you can be with the maneuvers as you can more easily “stay ahead of” the plane. i.e – your reaction time doesn’t have to be as quick! J You’ll also notice people putting drag plates on their planes. These are there for the same reason – to “grab air” and slow down the forward movement of the plane. This makes more work for the motor… and actually increases the speed of the plane – but – it gives you a CONSISTANT speed – thus allowing you more precision (or at least… those with the “thumbs” to pull off the maneuvers! J

#2 – I was getting a really terrible roll rate – and the wings were monster – so, being a novice (clueless) my thinking was, holes towards the wingtips would let air slip through and provide a faster roll rate. L I noticed ZERO change in this – but… did lose some “floatability” …probably because I was now losing “lift” by the air slipping through.

Great plane.

Not a Jimmy Wade design… so not AWESOME – but, it flew pretty well – especially since it was my first design. J

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 Happy flying & God bless,

 Pastor Mark

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