Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helicopter Ace Kyle Stacy - Only 11 Years Old!


Yeah - not exactly my thing as you can tell from the rest of my blog - but, a few friends of mine are into them so I plan on touching on them here every once in awhile... just for them! :-) 

One is a young man I've had the privilege to get to know a little as he lives just a few hours from me & fly's at several of the same places I do. So, as a nod to him & his incredible "thumbs" - I thought I'd post this video of him flying in the summer of 2007. You'll be amazed at what this guy at only 11 years old (at the time) can do with a helicopter!

In future posts I'll write on inexpensive (under $100) helicopters for beginners - that are made out of mostly... guess??? ...epp! :-) Till then - theres no better way to introduce you to what can be done with modern rc helicopters than to introduce you to this young man! Check out the video below - and find more on his website at www.kylerocks.com