Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Bug

INDOOR Video In Gym

OUTDOOR Video In Park

The Bug rocks! This is a fantastic kit – fit for novice – tough – not TRULY 3D, but… a great plane in all respects! I love it! And at an all up weight of only 6 oz’s – how can you go wrong! Even in a bit of wind… I have a blast flying this thing! It is my official “yard” plane! I fly it in both my front & back yard – and I live right in town – with houses right next to me… but this plane easily maneuvers in such tight spaces. A true joy to fly in my yard! Watch the video’s of it – and note the tight turning ability! NICE!!!

The Bug is a great example of why I love & promote EPP as a building material. This plane is lightweight – yet as durable as they come! There are “old timers” at my club flying this plane… and smashing it into EVERYTHING in the gym (walls, backboards, the rim, nets, bleachers, lights, speakers, PEOPLE) you name it, they’ve hit it! And… the ingenious design, coupled with the resiliency of EPP… and those old boys can just walk over & flip the plane right side back up… and go fly again! ☺ Now THAT’S a good plane!

Mind if I tell you my story on how I hooked up with this plane?

One of guys at my club was flying one, and encouraged me to get one. I’m flying all lightweight 6oz 3D planes… so “IFO” looking planes just didn’t catch my attention… but, I was kinda looking for something I could fly with these guys that they could relate to (the pastor in me probably!). So, I bought one… and had a blast building it (learned a ton of building techniques from their instructions too!). I took it to the club for the maiden flight and the gentleman that recommended it to me was standing right next to me as I plugged in the battery & checked the controls. I could tell he was nervous… as he’d recommended it… now… what if I didn’t like it! ☺ Well, used to 3D planes, I without even thinking about it… I hit the throttle. The plane leapt off the ground within 3-4 feet… and just clear of the ground… I did what I always do… I rolled the plane over on its back. The Bug tracked beautifully inverted – perfectly balanced… it flew only a foot off the ground. I applied rudder… and very smoothly… it turned, maintaining altitude easily with only a bit of “elevator & aileron” input. I circled it back around to myself, still inverted a foot off the ground… now flying straight towards myself… and then 4 feet from hitting me, I pulled it up into a hover… and that’s when it happened.

I smiled… and actually giggled… out loud! ☺

Yeah… I know, a bit corny for an adult male – but, its true! I had done everything kind of on 3D “auto pilot” till that moment. But, sitting there with an “IFO” in a VERY stable hover… 3 feet from my head… now that is just plane CRAZY fun! ☺

Our club only lets you fly for 5 minutes, then its someone else’s turn… so… for the next 4 minutes and 40 seconds… that smile never left my face! I couldn’t believe how fun this great little plane is!

CROWD STOPPER: As odd as it may sound… I’ve flown all kinds of really cool – fun looking planes… in public parks and such with many non RC people around and they are ALWAYS fascinated with the planes. But… what really REALLY surprised me is the amount of attention this particular plane draws. I can’t explain it. Is it its looks? Size? Color? I don’t know… but, I’ll be doing crazy stuff with my full out 3D planes… and then run a battery through the Bug doing basic (in comparison to the full out 3D maneuvers) stuff, and when I land… people flock me with questions on the Bug. ☺ Isn’t that weird!?! ☺

I can’t explain their interest… but it’s easy to explain mine! This is a fun little plane to fly – and durable as all get out, by design… and by its building material, EPP. Frequently I’m heading out on the road with a trip for church, or vacation or something with my family and I don’t have room for all my “stuff.” The Bug… my transmitter and my charger… are all I grab… and I know that I’ll be able to get in some flying wherever I end up! ☺ I literally “hang it” from the carbon fier “loop” on the front of the plane. I usually hang it on the clothes hooks in my car or van – whichever I’m taking for the particular trip. It’s the “take anywhere with ease” plane that fits almost any space requirement – and flies in almost any space available… as you’ll see from some of the TIGHT cornering I demonstrate in the video!

Get one of these – you won’t regret it! And, learn from the instructions… STUDY them… as there are many great building tips for building planes with EPP.