Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BEST Starter Plane - $30 Aero Ace by Air Hogs

UPDATE 3/7/11 - Unfortunately this plane is no longer being offered by the fine (but not listening) folks at Air Hogs. I have personally spoken with them about this plane... yet they insist that they have better & better planes being offered. Uh - they don't! :-( This plane was seen at almost EVERY indoor flying event I went to for 2 years! I personally bought a dozen or so of them for non-fliers as gifts - so they could learn to fly. It was a great plane. But... Air Hogs insists their "new ones" are better. Well - they are wrong. And... its been years now since I've seen ANYONE at a flying club flying - or recommending ANY Air Hogs product. Too bad. They had a good thing going. To see what you missed - read below on this fine fine plane...

FIRST Picture
– a JPEG of a write up I did on this plane for people I meet in parks - as people are ALWAYS asking me how they can get started in rc... inquiring as to what kind of plane to start with. So, I wrote this up to give out to folks that ask! :-) It's the teacher in me! :-) Anyways – click to enlarge, read & or save it for printing.

SECOND Picture
– the $30 “Aero Ace” distributed by “Airhogs”

- is a video "Review" / "Test" I did to show the plane fly & to demonstrate its incredible DURABILITY! For "straight into walls" crashes... check this out!


Listen, it may sound “cheesy” but – I’d honestly recommend that you start with a “toy” plane from Wal-Mart... the little itty Biplane pictured. It only costs $30 bucks! It's called the "Aero Ace" and is distributed by "Air Hogs" and sold at most Targets & Wal-Marts. They sell out quickly - so check back if they are out. Some managers will even let you order them!

Why do I recommend these? Well, click on the first picture above & you can read a full write-up I wrote for complete "newbies" to rc flying. But, the basic reason is simple. Its a cheap way to see if you are really going to have what this hobby takes!

Seriously! To go out and spend $500 - $1000 bucks is EASY to do when getting started! ☹ If you do that... and then find you don’t really enjoy it – or that you don’t have the hand eye coordination for it… is a really dumb $500 / $1000 mistake! ☹ Get the plane pictured and practice with it - you won't regret it.

Oh - and please, DO NOT buy something else – most toy planes are JUNK and nearly impossible to fly – very breakable also! ☹

When you get where you can fly this little gem easily in the space of an average driveway – doing circles left & right – and doing figure eights… I’d say that with that skill set – you’re now ready to advance to real rc planes.

(((Please, don’t be so arrogant as to make the $500 mistake I’ve seen others make. Buy the $30 toy first… please… I almost beg you!)))