Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One More Reason For EPP

My boys have helped me discover ONE MORE GREAT USE for EPP foam - Nerf dart wars! :-) Yes, this is not directly related to rc airplanes - but, its related to my affinity for epp and its overall durability for use in rc construction... and it proves my point for this blog - EPP is GREAT stuff!

Ok - do I know FOR SURE... 100% for a fact that "Nerf" material... is actually epp foam? No. :-) But, its very similar - and - the resiliency all of us enjoy in a Nerf ball when playing Nerf football with our kids or grandkids... thats the joy I get out of the durability of my EPP planes! :-)

Now - back to the video - it features the "gang" in my neighborhood... my two boys and a WHOLE LOTTA friends... all from within just a few houses of ours! :-) Its a fun & lively neighborhood for sure! Well - this video shows multiple Nerf guns firing WAY MORE darts than you can appreciate. Most of these kids are shooting guns that unload 20 darts in less than 3 seconds! Thats allot of flying foam... flying EPP foam! :-) Not my usual way of "flying EPP" - but... I thought it'd be fun to post!

Go EPP!!! :-)