Friday, November 28, 2008

Kyle Stacy - 13 Years Old - Flying @ Walts Hobby, Syracuse NY


Yeah, I know - not my normal thing - and they don't make em in epp! :-) But, Kyle is an incredible pilot - and a really incredible young man. I feel privileged to of gotten to know him a little bit... and what he can do with a heli indoors... in a small space is just incredible! I'm not into heli's myself... but... I can't help but post a 2nd video of Kyle! :-) My first post of him was shot when he was only 11. :-)

This video of Kyle was shot at Walts Hobby - a local hobby store here in the Syracuse NY area. Walts has an annual sale & they make a big full day of it marking everything in the store down by 20% - but - also bringing in many top ranked pilots. Quique Somenzini was here a couple years ago. This year, Devin McGrath, Clay Wheaton and... Kyle Stacy

He's only 13 years old - but he is an excellent pilot - and only getting better! So is the technology he's flying. I remember just a few years ago when he could only flip a heli upside down in Walts room... but couldn't right it because there wasn't enough room. Now... in that same space... he can do WAY MORE than just flip it! :-) Check out the video!