Friday, November 28, 2008

Mini Sumo

My friend Larry Vogt is at it again! He's taken the rather popular Sumo & built a Mini version of it! Its a fun little plane! It uses the electronics off of the Mini Bug from Build it light - and its a fun little plane to fly! I'm thinking of building one - but with the E-Flight Park 250 motor. I think this should provide STRAIGHT UP flight! :-) Thats another post though! :-)

The plans for this plan can be downloaded here. It says "Micro Sumo" - this is the "Mini" that Larry built... so if you are looking for the plans for this plane - thats it.

It IS NOT "Micro" however... I'll show you micro in another post! A friend of mine built a Micro... it fits in the palm of your hand! So, regardless of what the designer of this plan calls it... its not "Micro" - its "Mini." :-)

Enjoy the pictures & the video below. Notice the full sized Sumo in the comparison pics! Pretty cool! :-)

In the video - Larry flies it first - then lets me take the sticks. THANK YOU Larry!