Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok - this is NOT in epp - but - as promised... here is my friends MICRO Sumo!

Now, the original designer of the Sumo made "The Sumo" and then made what he calls a "Micro Sumo." Uhm... that is cool - and I did a post, pics & video already on that plane - but - the designer obviously hasn't run into my friend Norb Adams! When Norb says Micro... he means Micro! :-) So, here on my blog - and at my local flying club... we have 3 Sumo's! We have the original size Sumo, the Mini (what the designer calls Micro) and then Norbs MICRO Sumo!

For those interested in micro planes - this is pretty cool - but, please don't email me asking me allot about his setup as I know nothing about micro stuff. I do know that Norb makes allot of his own stuff. Years before micro servo's were comercially available Norb was making his own! This enabled him to do some pretty cool stuff long before the rest of us. In the micro scene - Norb is definitely one of my hero's!

For the original plans to this plane you can click HERE and download them. Download the "Micro" Sumo... but, know that this is NOT Norbs plan - this is WAY bigger... but, it'll give you plans that you can then shrink down on a photocopier. Do a page at a time at the same percentage - then cut out & tape together. I've not done it with this plane - but back when I first got into rc I did this with a couple planes trying to build a micro plane. It worked well.

Enjoy the pics and video - and happy flying - as we in the Syracuse NY area are FULL BORE into the indoor season now!