Monday, April 6, 2009

Raptor GS 3D - A MICRO 3D Plane

WOW - A truly 3D Micro Plane!

Now we can CRASH in smaller spaces! :-)

Seriously now...

I don't ussually post on planes I haven't flown - but, the RaptorGS 3D looks like its going to be a groundbreaking plane... and, its designed by wonder kid pilot and ETOC competitor, Ryan Archer!

This video below showcases it pretty well, but CLICK HERE for a forum thread on this plane on where there are many more video's & lots of pics!

What follows is the information at's website on the Raptor GS - here is how THEY DESCRIBE IT:

"This is the new Raptor GS 3d micro aerobatic plane. Its a durable micro plane that is fun for hover practice in your house, aerobatics in a gym, backyard, or your garage! The airframe is designed by ETOC pilot and Tuscon Shootout winner, Ryan Archer. This plane only weighs 1 ounce! The receiver ready kit comes with cut and painted foam, instructions, carbon fiber, lipo battery, brushless motor, ESC, and 3 Falcon servos. It is compatible with most 2 or 3 gram receivers, such as Spektrum Ar6300. If you want to use the Spektrum receiver, we recommend the 2s version of the plane for best performance. Now comes in Blue!"

Auw: 28g
Empty weight (no battery) 25g
Wingspan: 16.5"
4 channel, rudder, elevator, ailerons
servos: Falcon 1.6g (1.7g with connector)
(also a BA 2.5 can be used on ailerons, stripped down)
Airframe: 2 mm EPP foam, silkscreen printed 6.8g
ESC: XP-7a lightened to 2g
Motor: AP03 3.17g outrunner including mount 45g of thrust
Prop: 4025
Battery: 140mah 1 cell lipo 20c
2s Version:
Comes with 2s lipo and C05 motor
Weighs approximately 6 grams more
More power, but not as floaty or slow, works with spektrum Ar6300 no mods"

Raptor GS Ef Expo, uncut! from Josh MetroidRC on Vimeo.

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