Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flight Simulators - the basics!

I absolutely LOVE flying on a flight simulator - and - I owe most of my flying abilities to the RealFlight G3.5 - which is now many many versions past that - G4.5 as of this writing actually! :-) Also, there are TONS of users developing custom airports and airplanes for this simulator - so you gain access to many airplanes that you'd usually never have a chance to fly!  :-) Head to knifeedge.com to see the FREE downloadable airports & planes that have been developed so far.

Anyways - my point is - I'd not be flying today if it wasn't for a simulator! 

Seriously - I wouldn't of been able to afford the cost of this hobby if it weren't for a flight simulator giving me the ability to crash thousands & thousands of times without losing any money! :-) 

Actually, I wrote an article on it all, including how I disciplined myself in using a flight simulator to learn to fly. And thats an important detail - as, if you aren't careful, you can do what my kids did... and that is just take off & then fly all over tarnations! That won't teach you to fly! Any idiot can keep the plane in the air after awhile! 

No... "keep it in the air" wasn't my goal! 

What I was looking to do - and what I presume you are looking to do - is to learn to fly - and fly well - eventually even getting into acrobatics - 3D - or pattern flying. To do any of those, you have to master the basics of flight. Me, I did it all without an instructor or a buddy box. I did it in the dead of winter with 3+ feet of snow on the ground and no indoor facilities to fly in that were big enough for my LACK OF SKILLS! 

How you ask? 

I did it - through a disciplined use of a flight simulator.

Note below - there is an arrow along the right side of the picture - click this & it takes you to the next page. If its too small to read on your monitor - just move your mouse to the center of the picture and then click & it'll jump to full screen (hit the "escape" key to come back). 

Here is my story: