Friday, September 16, 2011

McFoamy by

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The West Michagan Park Flyers “McFoamy” has proven itself to be an EXCELLENT plane! It’s extremely durable (have I mentioned I like epp?) and engineered to fly very well! I honestly have NOTHING negative to say about this plane.

Though – I am interested in building a milled version (click HERE to jump to one of my milled planes) – but that’s just me! :-)

Check out the video above if you’ve not done so already – I think you’ll be impressed with how she fly’s.

But THAT’S NOT ALL you need to know about this great plane!!! :-) There is at least ONE more major thing you need to know.

I bought (and you can too!) this plane COMPLETELY assembled and ready to fly!

As in BNF!

Even the receiver was built in!

I only needed to bind the plane to my transmitter, attach my Velcro (Velcro was included but not put on – so that I / one could use their own preferred kind to match with any other previously “velcro’d batteries” they may have laying around), plug in the battery & launch!

Yes – this means it needs to be shipped to my house – in a very VERY large box! But, I learned something here – did you know Greyhound does shipping? Me neither! But they do! I googled it & found some flying forums on this with several people having issues with Greyhounds shipping – but I found mine here in the Syracuse area to be very helpful & professional. My shipment arrived on time & in good condition – not so much as a scratch on the box let alone any wrinkles from being “crushed.” So far – I’m a fan of Greyhound shipping.

Some quick background… as I usually build my own planes – but, I’ve been “stupid” busy lately (can you relate?) and was nearing my vacation without a new plane to fly. TRAGEDY!!! Also, I was vacationing “on the road” this year (usually we vacation in one location) traveling to Gettysburg – then over to Amish country (Lancaster PA), etc, etc – so I was wanting a plane I could somehow box up with all of our family luggage in the back of our minivan (back two seats taken out).

Thinking through my dilemma I remembered hearing that Greg at would from time to time offer built planes shipped right to your door. I dropped him an email – and the rest is history as they say! :-)

First thing I did when I received the box with the plane in it was cut it down a bit… as Greg needed it to survive shipping – I only needed it to survive my minivan & “gentle” bumps from shifting luggage. :-) Here is a  picture of what I ended up with:

So Greg really helped me out here by providing me with an excellent flying plane – which I had an absolute blast with while on vacation. THANK YOU Greg!

Price you ask? Well as with all things, prices vary depending on how you get it setup. I got mine as per his 2 cell setup there on his website. You can visit the McFoamy page (click HERE) to see that setup – and all of the prices on the various options… including at the very bottom of the page the ALL UP price for one completely built & shipped to you BNF.

FYI - for me, the fully built plane was a life saver – well worth the cost when you consider the cost of all the components - the value of having it professionally built (dude, its gunna fly straight!) – and the pure value to my schedule (how much are you willing to pay to fly rather than build?). To me – the all up price was very reasonable. Greg is charging what he needs to in order to make money / stay in business – but he is not asking anything unreasonable considering the cost of parts and his time in building them.

Personally, I’m very hopeful that Greg will continue to offer these already built & ready to fly / BNF. And… I’m very VERY much hoping that other EPP builders will follow suit – as I’m confident that there are many people like me out there – that are super SUPER busy – and as long as they aren’t being ripped off (charged a STUPIDLY obscene amount of money) – they / I  / we would be willing to pay to have quality indoor EPP planes built & shipped to us.

Not to mention – all of us novice builders will fly a LOT better with a professionally built plane! :-)

As always – if anyone has any questions for me on this plane – epp – building in epp – whatever – please feel free to connect with me at my email address (see my profile or go to my church website & follow the link there… as, that site has spam blockers – but if I list my personal email addy here it’ll get spammed to death!).

And… if you are interested in hearing this here skinny flyin preacher man speak – we have video of our morning church service posted on our website Click HERE to link directly to the page with me speaking. Even better yet - if you are ever in the Syracuse NY area - drop me a note & we can meet up for coffee - or even go fly together (our indoor club flies Tue's & Thur afternoons)! And of course - if you are in our area on a Sunday you are more than welcome to join us at church - we'd love to have you!

Hope you check out the McFoamy – you won’t be disappointed!
Pastor Mark Ferry