Monday, March 7, 2011

Techone Fun Fly Trainer RC EPP Plane Combo!

Ok, so I don't usually do this, but as I can't possibly afford to go and buy all of the planes that are out there - I do want to take the time to point my readers to what look like great sources for EPP planes. One such source is - where I personally just got off the phone placing an order with! :-)

Read around on this site and you'll see that I'm a big fan of Jimmie Wades designs. While Jimmie is no longer designing & selling planes, when he was - 2dog carried his planes! And, they have continued to carry many really great looking designs. I'd encourage you to check them all out.

Of particular interest to me for this particular post is what looks like a great trainer plane.
The package is pretty much all inclusive (assuming you already have a transmitter & charger)... and looks to be perfect for the new pilot in design, and in durability! THAT's key for new pilots! :-) As you expand, and want to move up to full 4 channels (ailerons) this plane looks like it could easily be adapted for such.

Check it out! And... if you find any other great looking sources for EPP planes - let me know! :-)