Monday, March 7, 2011

E-Flight Extra 300 3D BNF

(Click on either of the above pics to enlarge them)

Ok, so this is a depron plane - and depron is the enemy (on this blog anyways) - but... I LOVE micro planes - and I love 3D flying... so how could I resist trying out this little plane that promised so SO much in performance!?!

Easy really... as its expensive! :-(

However, Jan 9th was my 40th - and my wife wanted to know what I wanted for such a momentous occasion. Without hesitatioin - I pointed her to this plane! :-) And I'm glad I did - as this little plane sure delivers!

I really enjoyed the micro 4-Site... and certainly thought it was ground breaking for micro 3D - but, it has many quirks to it. Quirks that micro guys are "used to" so to speak. Well, when I put the Extra 300 in the air I was expecting these same quirks... and boy oh boy was I WRONG!!! This plane flies very VERY well! In my opinion it flies just as smoothly as a "full size" foamie does! Its silky smooth - and can be slowed down quite easily.

(Double click on the video & it will go to full screen... as if not, blogspot "cuts off" the right hand side of the video.)

The video I posted shows me all over the place with the plane. This footage was taken of just my first few flights with the plane, so I was still shaking it out so to speak, getting used to it. That... and I'd not flown in months. :-( Been too busy. :-( Got it Jan 9th - and didn't get to fly it till last week. :-( So... yeah, in the footage you see... I'm shaking out the plane - and my rusty thumbs. :-(

Performance - I love this plane! I was even able to do knife edge loops! And, I DID NOT use the optional side force generators to do it. Saw no reason to. The rudder has plenty of authority - and the side force generators would add weight - so I left em off... and have no intention of ever putting them on. Performs just fine without them.

One last word on the video itself. We have recently started video "taping" (though there are no video TAPES anymore - its all digital straight to a hard drive) our church services / my messages for posting to our church website where you can jump to this page to see me preach! If... you are having trouble sleeping, I'd highly recommend you keep that link on hand! :-)

So - on the video itself - I purchased Final Cut Pro to do the editing for our web posting of messages - and have been playing around with it / learning how to use its many MANY features. Wanting to "play with" some of the other "fancier" features... I decided to use this flying video as part of my learning curve. So... its a bit A.D.D. / "all over the place" in its approach - but... hopefully it'll still be fun to watch! :-)

Any questions on this plane, feel free to shoot me an email.

PS - I just ordered a plane & some supplies from - and spoke at length with Mark Grohe. Sharp, friendly - very helpful - thats how I'd describe him! And, he has MANY EPP planes! So if you are looking for 3d EPP planes - or trainer / starter EPP planes - he's got you covered!

No - I get no kick backs! :-) I'm just a satisfied customer - and I just like to steer people to "good people" - ya know?